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Akshay Kumar – Thoughts before Republic Day 2017

Here I am standing up AGAIN for something I truly believe in because THEIR well-being MATTERS to ME! I’d love to know if it does to YOU as well?

Akshay Kumar, himself a son of a former member of the Armed Forces, has immense respect for our soldiers. The actor had earlier called them the ‘real’ heroes, saying he was only a ‘reel hero.’ Ahead of our 68th Republic Day on january 26, Akshay had a special message for netizens.

The actor began by thanking fans for the overwhelming response he had received for his earlier message on the Bengaluru mass-molestation where he condemned the perpetrators. Akshay, who has made several donations to the families of martyrs, urged people to contribute as well.

While a lot of people wish to help these families, they are not aware of how to go about it. Akshay wants to start a website or app where verified bank account numbers of a family member of a martyr will be put up, along with the family’s financial status. This way, anyone who wants to contribute can do so directly without any agency. The actor is all for transparency, and all contributions made to a particular bank account will be visible.

As soon as the total deposited money of a particular account reaches Rs 15 lakh, that account number will be deleted. In this way, family members of the jawan can directly use that money.

If Akshay finds support from people, he will start working on this website/app with the permission of armed forces and assistance of government. The actor believes that if such a gesture becomes a reality, it will be the biggest salute to our men in uniform on January 26.

We commend the actor for his thoughtful gesture and hope that his vision becomes reality.

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